go through every game of thrones episode and replace the hound with shrek

wait what day is the 10th anniversary of mean girls because i need to make sure i barricade myself in my room with the blinds drawn

i miss my beard so much. it’s in little beardie heaven (aka wherever trash from brandeis ends up)


here have a transparent image of a mozzarella stick


here have a transparent image of a mozzarella stick

whenever somebody says “the homosexuals” i burst out laughing because all i can hear in my head is lucille bluth saying “look what the homosexuals have done to me”

i just saw somebody on facebook use “yo, i’mma let you finish but—” and i’m so mad that literally happened in 1961 it is now 2014 and clearly no longer relevant

not gonna lie sunday’s episodes of game of thrones was definitely one of the worst in the show’s history



The head-turning Game of Thrones actress Gwendoline Christie is a towering 6ft 3in tall and admits she often felt she couldn’t relate to women on the big screen because of her Amazonian frame, but is now relishing the opportunity to play a tough, fierce warrior in the medieval fantasy drama.

She said: “It’s really vitally important to me the way women are portrayed. As someone who has always felt at times pretty genderless because of my size, it interests me to challenge ideas of prejudice and femininity, and what it is to be a woman.”

The towering actress reveals that she had numerous setbacks in her career before landing a prized role as Brienne of Tarth in the hit show, adding: “I found it so frustrating, particularly at the beginning, because I would be told, ‘Sorry love, you’re too tall.’ At one stage I was like, ‘I’ll give this another six months and if this persists, ‘I’ll become a nun.’ “

For her role as warrior Brienne, Gwendoline trained how to fight with swords and ride horses and says it’s “empowering” to know she can “break a man’s nose with my elbow.”

"I do all my own stunts and come away with bruises and scratches. After one scene I was absolutely covered in bruises all down one leg and up one arm. But it’s worth it. It’s quite fun. I enjoy knocking around with the boys."

I cannot get enough of this woman. She deserves all the awards.


i love when you put a box on a ground, blink, and there’s already a cat trying to cram itself into it

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i always say that if i had the power to turn back time i would correct the big mistakes i made in my past but in reality i would probably use it to stop myself from dropping ketchup on every light shirt i’ve ever had

never thought id see this

never thought id see this

the dentist more like the DON’Tist

favorite activities: waking up obscenely early and not being able to fall back asleep

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is good, yeah, but if you want to learn how to lose him in a shorter amount of time just check out my autobiography which drops next week